RNP "consultant" can not explain what money is received and recognizes that part of the salary must be donated to "Harmony"

TV3 News continues to investigate the rarities in the Riga city council – generously paid "consultants" who receive thousands of euros from people from Riga who are pumped into the "Harmony" box.

Igor Solovyov advises the outrageous company "Rīgas Namu pārvaldnieks" (RNP) Ltd. formal, but can not explain what exactly is going on. In addition, he admits that, after accepting the position of a well-paid advisor, the Board agreed that it would be necessary to donate money to "Harmony".

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Igor Solovyov, a deputy from Riga, earned 9,900 euros last year for his work in the municipality, which is a trifle compared to the lucrative position of RNP of the local government. Here he is "Adviser advisor to the board". RNP received € 19,200 last year.

TV3 News There was a meeting with Solovyov in the city council of Riga who attended the meeting. When he heard the question from a consultant for the first time, he refused to answer.

"Well, that's a long time to tell, there has to be a separate discussion, the Commission should start," Solovyov said.

In the meantime there is no way to ask questions – Solovyov hides behind the curtains, where he speaks on the telephone. After the meeting Solovyov tries to get lost, but he has to answer questions. It is not clear how the advice he received last year amounted to EUR 19,200.

"My answer – I am a consultant, there are questions I go to – an overview of how, where, who, when the board is being held, they express their opinion," says Solovyov.

In the years & # 39; 70 Solovyov obtained engineering technology, a metalworking machine and instrument specialist at the Polytechnic Institute of Riga.

TV3 News: Do you think you can give good advice? You have a railway pedagogue in 1975.

Solovyov: Good question. Good question … I personally will not say anything.

TV3 News: Do you feel satisfied?

Solovyov: Of course, of course!

Since 2006, Solovyov has donated 30,000 euros to various parties. 18 183 euros for "Harmony". Soloviev does not hide – with the well-paid consultant in RNP it was clearly known – a part of the money has to be sacrificed to "Harmony".

TV3 News: If you're in such a warm place … Have you been asked to donate?

Solovyov: Can not you answer? I paid for it. Much … of course.

TV3 News: Was it an informal or formal agreement that you would pay "Harmony"?

Solovyov: We have to bring it … to the board if it was in the beginning, during the party.

TV3 News: So, when you went to this advisor post, did you know that you would have to pay & # 39; Harmony & # 39; money?

Solovyov: If I have a salary, of course!

Solovyov sits on the seat of a local councilor and makes decisions that influence the functioning of RNP. Solovyov does not appear to have a conflict of interest on both chairs.

Valery Petrov gives advice on gold. Last year it worked at eight workplaces related to municipalities. Consult the Central Market of Riga and the infamous RNP. In consultation with Petrov he earned 66,167 euros in 2017 and 5513 euros a month for consultations – a salary higher than the premiere of Marim Kučinskim, which received 63 123 euros in 2017.

Petrov avoids giving answers for advice by pretending to be in a hurry.

RNP refused to provide TV3 News with an on-site interview, explained what the consultants really do and refused to submit contracts or job descriptions. Solovev himself could not explain what he did, nor his employer.

"In connection with the employment relationship between RNP and Igor Solovyov, as well as with Valery Petrov, we would like to point out that, like all more than 2,500 employees, they are consolidated into employment contracts, which strictly define all the duties of employees. with the requirements When it comes to third party access to employment contracts, it should be noted that we can not issue them because employment contracts contain business secrets. "RNP indicates.

How many of the 2,500 RNP employees such & # 39; advisors & # 39; have, is worth mentioning. But already 12 legislators had seized the fictional workers who were fed by the money of the people in Riga.

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