Seven celebrations of the celebration of Riga have already arrived in the hospital – the Penal Code

Up to now, during the Riga celebration, medical workers have brought seven people to hospital, told the emergency medical service spokesperson (NMPD), Sarmīte Skujiņa.

Most people turned around with injuries after a fall, but some overheated people were hospitalized

Most people turned to aid with valletz, but some overheated people were admitted to hospital. Skuin said the injuries were not overly serious and most people were taken to the doctors for further investigation.

As Skujina told me, people at the locations are usually attacked with minor bruises or abrasions, and in general the celebration is calm. Police and Riga Municipal police representatives The LETA agency has announced that, even for law enforcement officials, the Riga festival is calm and no significant violations have been detected.

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