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The City Council of Riga is planning to purchase several plots for which the former insolvency administrator, Māris Sprūds and its affiliated company, also own. The decision was supported on Monday, August 20 by the majority of the members of the urban development committee, so it is to be expected that the city council of Riga will decide next week. Several crimes, including squadrons and fraudsters, must reach the defendant Sprat even before the land sale, so that the processor cancels the attachment to his property.

Last December the city council of Riga approved the project "Scenistic Territory Revitalization Stage 1", as well as the list of real estate needed for its implementation. Among them were land plots in Bukultu iela, Laktas street 40 and Lapeņu street 5, which belonged to private individuals.

"Given the fact that we have activities for the construction of the streets Lappien, Krumina, Dikmana and Daliņa and the construction of a rainwater drainage system, it is necessary to acquire these plots in the possession of the municipality for the implementation of this project. " Why is it urgent? The deadlines of the project are for us at the end of 2022 ", explains Jana Grīnhof, project manager of the City Development Department of the city of Riga, and explains that the implementation of this project is feasible on the land owned by the municipality .

The delegates' attention to these deals was thanks to the owners of the country and their creditors. 5500 square meters for 366 000 euros to sell the dome have already agreed to co-owners of a plot of land. One fifth of this amount comes from former insolvency administrator Marim Sprud, the rest – AS "Projekts B10". The owners are not publicly known, but the address of the company is registered on the former Spruce practice site at Antonijas iela 7, in the board of Sprūd, but in the council – his father, sister and brother.

In turn, more than half a million euros Riga City Council is ready to pay 6373 square meters of adjacent land on Laktas street. The co-owner is Gints Lazdins, a businessman who has been scammed and prosecuted in various criminal cases.

The wrecked piece was arrested, but it did not burden the transaction, explained the representative of the property department of the Riga City Council.

"The law procedure provides for coordination with the process facilitator, we are the correspondent of the process, we have started a conciliation procedure, the law clearly determines how this procedure should be carried out, and we will do so in the same way." We have conceptual agreement for this measure of monitoring the prosecutor, "said Elita Rorbaka, deputy head of the Property Alienation Department of the Riga City Property Department.

In voting for the function, but with opposition, the City Constituent Committee supported all decisions regarding the purchase of land needed for the Skanst project, and next week they will be placed on the agenda of the city council of Riga. Other solutions for the city would be less favorable, convinced chairman of the commission Oleg Burov ("The Honorable service in Riga").

"Yes, we did not agree on proposals to change the property because it was proposed to change to neighboring plots." It is not in our interest, I can say that we can only disrupt our chances, and this change could have led to a situation that might not be for us after years, but others have to buy these parcels from them, that's why our offer was also the only one – we pay the market rent, "Burov said.

Burov claims that he is not interested in the surnames of the owners, but whether the real estate is necessary or not. The same applies to Armands Krūze, head of the urban development department of the city council of Riga.

"In fact, the area with all city plans is a central business district, a business district that we have not had before. (…) It is possible to attract investors, but the city has to provide infrastructure. We have Street.You can not pick it up on the street if there is a property, and let's try to make a loop around it. (..) It is very difficult to explain to water that it would be something overwhelming just because the real estate could be somewhere somewhere, "said the mug.

In turn, Maris Sprūds did not respond to Latvian television calls today.

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