Suddenly appeared on the opposite job: the police came out, causing a tragic accident on the Liepāja highway


At the weekend on the highway Liepaja there were two accidents where people died. On Saturday in the parish of Tadaiki a driver drove a 75-year-old pedestrian who died on the spot. But on the evening of the same day, around noon. At 8.00 pm a collision of a frontal load and a car collapsed on the Liepāja highway near Pienava, after which a car would ignite, but the driver died, the LNT program "Degtatis" informed.

Maris Trēds, head of the police chief of the police of the state police of Tukums: "When the state police arrived on the spot, the fire and rescue service of the state worked there." After the fire was removed, it was clear that the driver was dead. & # 39;

Road agents have discovered that a 28-year-old man controls a burnt, clawable car "SAAB". It can not be ruled out that a driver who is on a straight, well-crossed road section unexpectedly finds himself in the opposite direction before the accident has significantly exceeded the permitted speed.

The driver of the vehicle DAF has given us video recordings that show the circumstances of the accident. The accident happened because the lightweight truck appeared on the opposite lane and caused a collision, "explains Trude and says the lorry driver has not been able to prevent a collision.

The truck driver himself was thoroughly damaged by a jerk and he did not need medical help. After the crash, while operational services and researchers were at work, traffic was closed for several hours on the relevant section of the Liepāja highway and motorists had to use intersections.

Asked about the possible causes of the tragic accident, Trude is quite elusive, but points out that at the moment she has no information showing that the young man was suicidal or had indications that the tragic maneuver was deliberately caused.

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