Taxify is compensated by expensive overnight trips in the new year

"Taxify OÜ" on New Year's Eve exceeded a few hours the maximum rates set by the Riga City Council and the passenger tariff mentioned in the notice reminds the CRPC.

The Taxify tree was explained by the high demand for taxis to how the company had used the dynamic pricing algorithm to solve. However, for this step they did not inform customers of Taxify, which is why the CRC declared the New Year's night-trading practice unfair and misleading.

Taxify is committed to volunteering to prevent consumer damage. For all taxi service users who have paid for the service in cash, the company promises to refund the difference between the price indicated on the quotation for the travel sum on New Year's Eve and New Year's Eve and the price indicated in the Taxify app.

The company makes every effort to send all requests for Taxify users who have traveled in dynamic rate hours using the Taxify application and to refund the difference to non-cash customers.

The difference will be refunded in the form of a free discount coupon.

Customers must fill in an application form that must indicate the telephone number and indicate that the customer wants to receive an overpaid balance.

To request a refund, Taxify invites you to complete the application by September 7th. Applications are available here.

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