The basis of the bathhouse of the Eduard Veidenbaum Museum – Regio & # 39; s

Last weekend the fire destroyed the sauna building of the Memorial Museum of the Eduard Veidenbaum "Kalachi", informed Tamara Kurzemniece, the head of the museum.

The building is the so-called black bath that was fired at the fire on the evening of August 24th. The fire started after the fire and Kurzeme is called an accident, because there is clearly a spark in the logs. There were many eyewitnesses, but the situation was aggravated by strong gusts of wind.

The sauna is littered with bases, but it does not contain historical evidence. The building was used for excursions and other events.

"Without the bath complex will be complete," said the man from Kurzemes. He stated that with the support of the municipality the building is expected to be restored. At the moment, losses are estimated with insurers to receive a fee. Experts have acknowledged that the actions taken during the fire were correct.

Memorial Museum Veidenbaum "Kalachi" is located in the Priekuli district, 16 kilometers from Cēsis. The museum complex includes a barn, a monument, a black sauna and a picnic area.

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