The beginning of the learning phase of the Namejs 2018 / Day starts at the coast of the Baltic Sea off the coast of Kurzeme

"The active research phase, not only on land-based tactical exercises, but also in Baltic and Latvian airspace, is a unique opportunity to test the willingness of all units of the national armed forces to respond extensively to all modern threats and is an important contribution not only to Latvia, but also to the whole, strengthening the security of the Baltic region, "says Leonid Kalnins, commander of the national armed forces.

It has already been reported that from August 20 to September 2, major military exercises are taking place throughout Latvia Namejs 2018to test and improve the preparedness of the National Armed Forces to continue to fulfill defense tasks of the state as independent within the framework of the collective defense system.

More than 10,000 participants – the soldiers and guards of the Latvian and Allied forces, the reservists, the volunteer reserveists, the staff of the Ministry of Defense and the staff of the structures of the Ministry of the Interior – police officers and border guards participate in the training.

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