The book "Shot / Day" by former politician Solvita Āboltiņa will appear this week

The authors of the book are Juris Lorents, Egils Zirnis, Maris Zanders, Anete Konste and Ivars Ījabs, editor – Arvis Kolmanis. Each author has written about one stage in Aboltina's career. The text of the chapter is based on the interview of each author with Aboltina. Likewise, the book reflects the opinion of third parties about former politicians as personalities or individual events in which it was involved.

The book also contains photos from different periods of Aboltina's life, as well as the end of her own writing, in which she lists the question of why this book was needed.

"In this book, the authors ask the questions they were more interested in at the time, and I could not influence the conversation process, but I spoke honestly what I had experienced, understood, felt, I myself would have been interested in other issues, but they Probably this book will help to understand the history of political processes in Latvia more accurately and more accurately, to see what has remained behind the shadow behind loud slogans and bloated scandals, "The contents of the book are described by Āboltiņa.

The presentation of the book takes place on August 22 in Dailes Theater. In bookstores all over Latvia it is possible to buy it from 23 August and from 16:00 to 18 hours Aboltina will meet the interested bookstores. Valter and Rapa Riga, Aspazijas bulvāris 24.

The policy of Aboltina has been active since 2001, when he joined the party New time. In his professional career until the deputy mandate of the Saeima was laid down in 2017, Aboltina was a member of the Legal Affairs Committee, a member of the European Affairs Committee, a deputy chairman of the Saeima, and then a chairman, a party New time chairman of the board and parties unit Head of the Saeima faction.

As reported, Aboltina began in February of this year as Director of the European Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and received the diplomatic rank of advisor.

Aboltina announced last year that he would resign the mandate of a deputy before the end of the 12th Saeima, as he intends to return to the diplomatic service.

unit The board decided last November to exclude Aboltina from the party for comments and actions at the time unit Decision to change the Minister of Economy.

On July 31, President Raimonds Vejonis Aboltina presented an accreditation letter with which she could become the ambassador of Latvia to Italy.

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