The day will be cloudy and rain, some clouds are expected / Day

The sun will rain with clouds and place temporarily.

In Riga a short-term rain is expected, the wind speed in the northwest is 13 meters per second. In sunny times the temperature fluctuates around + 20 degrees.

The weather conditions are influenced by the cyclone that goes further north-east, as well as the anti-cyclone coming from the west. The atmospheric pressure rises, in the morning it is 755-759 millimeters of mercury in sea level.

The Latvian Center for the Environment, Geology and Meteorology warns that there is a high risk of fire in the forests in the places – also in Riga, in addition, in the central part of the country, the risk of fire is very high in some places, therefore appears in Vidzeme and Zemgale an orange warning signal.

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