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Earlier in the spring, the former public prosecutor, Biruta Loze, complained to the police a few months before her death about life threats, reports de facto. Loze disappeared on March 13 when she left her home in Marupe. For years, Lozé had retired and had nothing to say about her life. De facto it is known that Lozé signed an agreement with Edgar Kadić eighteen months before the violent death. The child then inherited a house in Marupe and promised Lozi to take care of the end of her life.

The information available to Latvian television shows that Lozé was not satisfied with the caregiver's work and wished to terminate the contract. At the same time she worried about her safety. The Loza police received several applications, which showed that carer Kadik was aggressive.

For example, one of the letters says: "A few days ago, around dinner, E. Kačičius walked into the kitchen near me and rummaged with unclear words to start hurting me, and threatened to" kick my dick in the edge ", but I rushed to the wall. How can I act to keep myself alive? & # 39;

Four months later Edgar Kadičius had reported to the police about the disappearance of Birtut Lose – he had not changed home. But soon the police announced that maybe Loze was murdered and then held by a man. Over time, the police announced that dead remains were found in Birut Lozé. She was buried in the dune zone of Saulkrasti.

The police explains – Inspectors have found no evidence that the violence described by Lauz on Edgar Kadić's side really happened. The murder of Lazy's grandson was explained by Rodion as a fake fight, but Loze himself declared too late on the fact that the woman was threatened. This must be done immediately.

Representatives of the state police explain Latvian television – there was no inspection of the operation of the district of Olaine – that all its decisions were suitable for the circumstances. This month, the police completed the investigation and the prosecutor's office condemned the murder of Birut Lozé. When the case comes to court, it is not yet clear. The public prosecutor's office does not reveal whether the defendant recognizes his guilt.

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