The Kekava district has a driving license of 5.5 driving pleasure

On Thursday, October 14, law enforcement officers of the State Police arrested a 35-year-old driver who was not driving a license and 5.5 miles under the wheel of the Kekava district in the district of Kekava, learning the portal "Delfi" from the state police.

On October 14, around 3:30 PM, the Attorney General of the State Police Operations Office received a phone call from a resident who reported that he was the driver of the Volvo brand in Kekava, who may be under the influence of alcohol at the wheel.

The information received was transferred to the Special Inspection department of the Traffic Police Road Police department, which began by searching the car. After a brief moment, after receiving accurate information from colleagues about the possible location of the vehicle in the district of Kekava, the police went around but did not see the vehicle anywhere.

Near the exact location two people stood along the road, who clearly saw the road police officers and turned their attention. On arrival at the parties, law enforcement officials found out that they had reported it as a potentially dangerous driver.

The persons indicated that the driver had suspected the driver because he had not been able to drive the vehicle and to walk straight on his orbit and to enter the opposite lane. Along the way the driver of this gun drove to a shop, where he strove, went away with a tight drink and sat in his car. With such an action, eyewitnesses immediately called the police, but Volvo and the alleged gunfire did not leave their faces until the arrival of the police.

Shortly afterwards, the staff of the Special Task Department succeeded in arresting a driver. When checking the data, the police discovered that the man born in 1983 had no driver's license.

In turn, eyewitnesses have confirmed their concerns in the study of the concentration of alcohol in the exhalation – the 35-year-old driver has a good mood in the wheel. 3.34 promiles were discovered in her exhalation after the first detoxification, while the second blunt data showed that the incidence was considerably higher – 5.5 promiles.

Such an offense is punishable by criminal liability and conditional convictions up to one year, temporary custodial sentences, forced labor or fines, whereby the right to drive a vehicle is withheld for a maximum period of five years.

The State Police expresses its gratitude to the citizens who responded promptly to the situation, provided information about the perpetrator and cooperated with the police. This action helps law enforcement officers to ensure the safety of the road on the road. The consequences of the actions of an irresponsible driver could have been tragic and this time, due to the fact that people reported that they had seen, the current disaster could be prevented, as indicated by the police.

At the same time, law enforcement officials point out that they unfortunately hang up a driver every day who is deliberately behind the wheel of a vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

The State Police announces that a tragic accident occurred during the weekend.

On Saturday, October 13th, a driver of the engineer "Mercedes Benz", who was born in 1974, traveled to a cyclist who died on the spot in Saulkrasti, on the border between Rīga and Estonia on the road. Also, the driver of this car was under the influence of 2.86 miles on a wheel and drove without right to drive. This case has been the subject of criminal proceedings.

The police recalls that alcohol and any driving behavior are completely incompatible, and demands that drivers be held accountable and not be drunk. Similarly, law enforcement agencies do not ask people to be indifferent and in situations where there is a reasonable suspicion that the driver is under the influence of a driver, you report to the national police by calling 110.

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