The man in Zemgale falls from the roof of the house:

2018. On August 19, 12:26
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On the roof of a house, a 41-year-old man from a height of 2.5 meters fell in Zemgale on Saturday, and was transferred to the medical department under the responsibility of the medical staff of the lower back and chest injuries, the agency LETA
said the spokesperson for the Emergency Medical Service (NMPD)
Sarmīte Skujiņa.

In turn, a 70-year-old man in Zemgale,
working with an angle grinder or flex, got an arm injury and with
hand-cut wound delivered to the hospital.

An old man of 59 years old
a man fell in alcohol from the height of the second floor. The victim received head, thorax and spinal cord injury and was taken to a hospital.

Medical assistance was provided by a 41-year-old woman who,
touching the distorted wires received an electric shock. Woman after
the accident has become unconscious and has been delivered by the electric current

In general, medical staff went to 1220 calls from the previous day, including 330 injuries.


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