The marriage escort enters Cesis in an accident – the photographer and her traveler suffer

It seems that the creeps have crashed and they have seen the companions only in video's from abroad, but even with us, the mood of newlyweds and their followers is sometimes caused by extreme situations and paths. There was an accident on the part of Cesis, where eyewitnesses can also help.

Due to the carelessness of the driver, wedding celebrations could end with a great accident last weekend. The groom and the bride will remember their entire lives, just like the wedding photographer Signe.

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The crash occurred around noon. 6 pm on the Valmiera-Cēsis-Drabeši highway, near the village of Mūrnieki, when the young couple, together with witnesses, guests and those responsible for the event, went from the photo session to the pension.

Suddenly Signe noticed a dark blue "BMW" brand in the rear-view mirror, which quickly approached her car. The distance between the two cars dropped sharply and the woman realized that there was nothing left but to prepare for an impending collision.

Immediately after the crash the Signes car hit the ditch side with a jump and another truck with a column without a bridge, Toyota, was on the edge of the highway.

Urgent witnesses have urged doctors to help victims. But the first local doctors who stumbled on foot – the residents of a nearby house. Ugis has been working with the emergency medical assistance service for more than 25 years with his wife. The couple looked at the victims and helped him in every way until the crew of the doctors was waiting.

Except for both photographers from the Volvo car, nobody was injured in the accident. The BMW driver, who is most likely recognized as an accident, has possibly escaped and has kept the attention of the road. He blamed the car cruiser for his actions.

Doctors have already looked at the hospital in the hospital, developed X-rays, and concluded that they had bruises on their hands. Because of health, at least three weeks later, a woman will not be able to continue to work properly. The same applies to her colleague – he can also have internal organ damage. After the crash, none of the cars involved is in driving mode. The BMW driver fully acknowledged his debt, the police are currently working on the case.

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