The morning of Thursday will be cool, day

Wednesday night it will be cool, but the day is sunny and moderately warm, shows prognoses.

At night the clouds get less, no rain is expected, a slow wind comes from the west, so there will be a fog in places.

The sky around the sunrise has cooled to +6 .. + 11 degrees, but in many places on the coast warmer – +12 .. + 15 degrees.

The day will be sunny, but in the afternoon the clouds will become more. No significant precipitation is expected. Slowly continue to westerly winds.

Maximum air temperature +18 .. + 22 degrees.

Winds in Riga are also frozen and rain is no longer expected. The minimum air temperature is & # 39; night in the city center and closer to the hail around +13 .. + 15 degrees, and on the outskirts of the city to +9 .. + 10 degrees. During the day the air rises to + 21 degrees.

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