The Museum for Literature and Music is happy to move to the building on Mārstaļu Street 6 / Diena

She explained that this WNIS offer is also supported by the Ministry of Culture (KM), but more clarity is expected in September about the possible costs and project deadlines when the museum plans to organize a press conference with the KM. guided tour of the building along Mārstaļu Street 6.

In the Mārstaļu Street House there would be 40% less space than Pils Square 2 or about 1400 square meters, but according to Ruskule an inspiring and educational exhibition with technologies can now also be placed in smaller rooms. That is why RMM tries to act on Mārstaļu street 6 as a professional challenge. The director of the museum also pointed out that this house also has an important architectural value.

Ruskule also believes that the building in Mārstaļu street 6 is located in a geographically favorable location that can attract not only foreign tourists but also domestic stakeholders. Ruskule also appreciates the fact that such an idea is not needed to re-create a project – changes in the previously developed photomuseum project should be made, but they would not be radical.

At present, the administrative and museum reading rooms are located at 75 Tērbatas street, where the museum has been working in a "travel format" for a few years, creating exhibitions and lessons throughout Latvia.

As mentioned, due to the need for RMM for permanent residence, VNIS has developed an alternative solution to make the museum available to visitors again as soon as possible – transferring it to the historic old mansion on Mārstaļu iela 6, the LETA agency informed VNIS.

The VNIP points out that the cost of relocating the RMM to this address does not exceed the planned and unpredictable budget for the reconstruction of Castle Square 2, as well as the existing project, which may not be redeveloped, to be used for implementation. The reconstruction of the building will be adapted to the ready-for-use, already designed for the needs of the Latvian Museum for Photography, a project that was decided not to be implemented in this building.

Project changes and purchase of works on Mārstaļu Street can take about six months from the moment that RMM has developed an adapted exhibition project for the new location of the museum. Given the location of the building on the territory of the Archaeological Complex of the Old City and the possibility that during the construction period it is necessary to carry out additional research, approval, restoration and other works in the history of the building, the necessary time for construction work about a year.

The decision to offer an alternative solution was promoted both by the need for RMMs for new dwellings and the rising costs of construction work, and by the long-term builder – the overall partnership PMK and BBA – procedures started in connection with the building in Pils laukums 2, as a result of which VNIS could not continue with the construction work. The date of the process is unknown, but in practice the length of such complex disputes can vary from three to five years, according to the VNIP.

During the rebuilding, the space Mārstaļu 6 with at least 210 square meters would be extended, resulting in an area of ​​1400 square meters for RMM needs.

The LETA agency has already announced that VNIP has signed an agreement with the general partnership on 28 April 2016 PMK and BBA for RMM, with the deadline for completion of construction work until January 26, 2017. On February 16, 2017, VNIP terminated the contract with the General Partnership, as it did not carry out its work within the period specified in the contract, thereby creating significant losses for the Latvian state. causes.

The VNIP pointed out that the financing of the European Economic Area (EEA) for the reconstruction of the museum was stalled and that its full use by the contractor has jeopardized its inefficient planning and delays.

PMK and BBA In February 2017, he filed a lawsuit against VNIP regarding the execution of a contract, including contesting the VNIP announcement of a unilateral termination of the contract.

PMK and BBA In 2016, he won the negotiation procedure organized by the VNIP and proposed to carry out museum construction work for 3,369,718 euros without VAT.

Construction work will be allocated from the program for the EEA financial mechanism Preservation and updating of cultural and natural heritage. Total project costs covered by the EEA program Preservation and updating of cultural and natural heritageis 4 947 685 EUR, excluding VAT.

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