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The largest military exercises of the National Forces of Latvia (NBS) "Namejs 2018" have been completed today.

The conclusion of the most ambitious NBS training "Namejs 2018"Māra Rozenberga / LR

It began on 20 August with the aim of investigating and improving the willingness of the NAF to commit both independently and with allies for national defense tasks. More than 10,000 troops and guards, reserve soldiers, voluntary paramilitaries, police officers and border guards took part in the training.

NAF commander Leonīds Kalniņš, Latvian radio, was pleased that the training had fully met its objectives, but continued to work on the development of armaments and the construction of warehouses for the national guard battalions. Kalniņš also expressed the satisfaction that the investigations showed good cooperation with the Allies:

"Indeed, we can no longer call these teachings national, they are multinational and without the involvement of our allies they would be much poorer, proving that we are making the right way to build a national defense system. largest military organizations [NATO] and even when we practice, we must be able to determine how we will work to accomplish tasks. And I am happy because it was very synchronous with this mathematics in learning. Allies quickly came in, despite the fact that eight countries were deployed in Adazi and had different tactics, languages, communication systems. They have managed to synchronize and build on an effective system in the last year and a half. And I am glad that in this exercise we have seen that we have reached a very high level in how we can work together with our mother. "

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