The quadricycler who died in an accident

In the period from 15 to 19 August, 108 events were registered with the Tukums police, 8 criminal proceedings started and 55 administrative offenses were detected.

August 15

22.38 In Engure, Sloka-Talsi, on the road 17 km, a man born in 1982 led the car "BMW 320" while he drank (1.25 promiles).

August 16

00.30 "MTZ 80" tractor with a disc mower stolen from the fenced area in Smarde parish. Criminal procedure instituted.

11.33 In the rural municipality of Matkule, in the municipality of Kandava, the garage, a drum and other belongings were stolen. Criminal procedure instituted.

20.10 A man born in 1957 in Tukums, Pasta Street, used alcoholic beverages in a public place.

August 17

11.50 Men born in Tukums in 1994 and 1985 for an expert investigation into suspected drug use.

12.00 Tukums is suspected of using narcotics for research in 1994. Administrative procedure started.

12.57 A man born in 1966 on the road of Riga-Ventspils in the Tukums district, driving a Nissan Xtrail car and without a certain maneuver, caused a disconnection as a result of the crash, since the driver at the rear of the Toyota Avensis had already begun overtaking maneuver.

14.35 In the civil parish Kandava, born in 1974, he led a four-wheeler along the local road and without reason he could not handle his driving. That's why he drove off the road and drove over the ditch. The driver died in the place of the event.

17.26 In Opel Astra, born in 1949 in Tukums, Jelgavas Street, born on Parupes Street, made a right and did not make way for Renault Clio, who was led by a 1996-born.

August 18th

12.19 In the Engure parish, Bērzciems, Tukums-Kesterciems-Mērsrags-Kolka road, 37 km, in 1952, was led by Mitsubishi Colt and did not choose a safe distance from the front Ford Focus, which made a turning maneuver to the left. The result was a collision.

12.57 At the intersection of Tukums, the streets Talsu and Tidaholm, born in 2000, were led by the Audi A4 Avant and clashed with Mercedes Benz, who was led by a 1960-born person who was traumatized as a result of the accident.

At 1.00 pm in the district Engure on the road Valgums-Klapkalnciems, VW Golf was born in 1979 and took a catch-up maneuver when entering the opposite lane. The result was a collision with the Volvo XC 70, which made the turning movement to the left. Three people have suffered from the accident.

On August 19

11.31 In the Zemitė parish, in the district of Kandava, on the 28th kilometer of the road Tukums-Kuldīga, born in 1968, a bicycle drove under alcoholic influence (1.34 promils).

18.00 in Kandava, Raudupes Street, born in 1979, drove a Kawasaki motorcycle and did not meet the traffic sign requirement, at the intersection with Liepu Street, which resulted in a collision with Nissan Quashqai, who was led by a 1970-born person. The test showed that the driver of the motorcycle is under the influence of alcohol (1.27 promiles).

18.50 "Toyota Corolla", born in 1949 in Tukums, Meza Street, born in 1949, and ran for a pedestrian, born in 1959, who was seriously injured in the accident.

20th of August

08.05 At the intersection of the streets Kurzeme and Jāņu in Tukums, born in 1988, Škoda Fabia was led by the driver and, at the crossroads, not convinced of the safety of the maneuver – did not make room for the moped, which was led by a person born in 1999 who had sustained an accident.


In the weekend rescue workers from firefighters hurried to phone calls in which a 270 m² dry hall burned in the Jaunsāti parish in the Tukums district, in the Tukums district, in the Pure parish, field walls burned in the 100 m² area, in the quiet street in Tukums, a dry hall of 130 square meters was burned. Three calls have also been received, with firefighters rescuing traffic accidents after traffic accidents, including Engure and Kandava, civil parishes.

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