The satisfaction of the Latvian population has reached a record level with its lifetime / Article / LSM.LV

The satisfaction of the inhabitants of Latvia with his life has reached a record level, according to research data from the research agency SKDS.

In July of this year, people were asked to indicate how generally satisfied or dissatisfied they are with their current lives. The respondents in their survey responded with a ten-point scale, one said "completely dissatisfied" and 10 "completely satisfied".

The survey showed that residents rated an average of 6.97 points, which is 0.06 points more than a year ago. The fixed result this year is the highest in the history of observation, which continues the increasing satisfaction observed in recent years.

Up to now, the lowest satisfaction with his life in the years of a steady economic crisis, reached the minimum in 2009, when the average level of satisfaction with life was estimated at 5.55 points.

The most satisfied satisfaction with their lives was assessed with seven or eight points.

The proportion of fully satisfied people is considerably higher than the percentage of fully dissatisfied people.

The study was attended by about 1000 people.

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