The State Audit Office presents letters of appreciation to three institutions / Article / LSM.LV

The national court of auditors has shown recognition letters to the cooperation partners, whose reaction speed and professionalism have contributed significantly to the Court's work in 2017. The Court's letters of credit were received by the Latvian Institute for Foreign Policy, the Council for Budget Discipline and the Latvian Regional Government.

The Latvian Institute for Foreign Policy has awarded the State Audit Office awards for extensive cooperation in the control of the operational effectiveness of the national arms and logistics system for armed forces. The years of experience and specialization of the institute in the field of foreign policy and security policy has helped the accountants to thoroughly understand the state-of-the-art defense information and military information.

The Fiscal Disciplinary Board received awards for responsiveness and productive cooperation in checking the effectiveness of the budget management system. During this time, the Council's experts actively participated in solving tax policy, discipline and risk, and demonstrated a professional and permanent position in promoting the sustainability of Latvian finance.

The Latgal Planning Region Administration received recognition for cooperation and support in evaluating the effectiveness of local government activities in controlling the use of municipal administrative resources. The national audit firm greatly appreciates the professional contribution of the regional government by explaining the results and benefits of audits for local authorities and the public.

Senior State Auditor Lawyer Daina Bach, Senior Auditor Ilze Lejniece and National Auditor Natalia Circene also received recognition for a creative approach and an important contribution to the Court's work.

The national court shall issue recognition documents by assessing the significant contribution of officials, employees and partners of the institution to the achievement of the objectives of the national court.

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