The sunniest Sunday is expected in the west of Latvia / Diena

Kurzeme is generally clear, there are many clouds in other parts of the country. Morning in Latvia occurs without significant rainfall, in some places fog. Blows slow wind, mostly southwest wind. In Riga the clouds cover most of the sky, southwest wind blows and +3 .. + 5 degrees.

During the day there is partly cloudy weather in Latvia, the most sunny day is expected on the western side of the country, according to a prediction by a synoptic.

Throughout the country the day runs without precipitation and with a slow wind. The temperature in the middle of the day is +5 .. + 10 degrees.

In Riga, moderate amounts of clouds, slow southern winds and up to +9 degrees in warm.

The weather conditions are determined by an anti-cyclone. Atmospheric pressure 771-773 millimeters of mercury in sea level.

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