The "Zimniekšova" star Magone wants to encourage young dad

Before several seasons, the show "The farmer in search of a woman" was able to follow the way in which the philosopher Magone Burke was engaged in finding love and building a family. Even though Ventis, who is known for his love, was not the only one and for the rest of his life, Magone was able to find true love. After the marriage with a Lithuanian Zanu, the first two expected son Phoenix was expected in the world, after which the poet is ready to encourage other young fathers.

Do not be afraid of your instinct, feeling, emotion.

Prior to the marriage with Zany, Magone raised only the sons born in previous relationships. Now she can be proud that her husband is an example and takes care of the newborn Phoenix.

This may have encouraged Magoni to encourage other young fathers. "Do not be afraid of your instinct, emotion, emotion and a miracle that only Heaven can explain", said the poet in a conversation with the portal "".

She also believes that men should participate in childbirth because they can only understand and appreciate life.

It has already been reported that two sons, Robert and Raimonds Saulgaitis, were born in the previous relationship of Magone.

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