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The "Latvian national road network" will continue the construction season, therefore the driver is invited to follow the traffic organization – temporary traffic lights and traffic rules at the workplace. Likewise, there will be traffic restrictions in many places on the national roads due to measures, notified "Latvian highways".

In Riga there is construction work on the A4 ring road in Riga (Baltezers-Saulkalne), where the Mucenieki crossing is being rebuilt and the entrance to Mucenieki at Sunīši is closed.

On the Daugavpils highway (A6), the repair work goes from Dzelmäe to Klidina, as well as on the bridge over Aivieksti.

On the Liepāja highway between Brocēni and Skrunda, three construction phases, additional time on the road should be considered.

On the motorway from Tallinn (A1) from Duntes to Svētciems speed limits and a traffic light segment should be considered.

Reconstruction work takes place on the HES bridge over the Inciems-Sigulda-Ķegums (P8), making the width of the bridge runway 2.75 m wide.

The largest repair phase is on the regional highway Augšlīgatne-Skriveri (P32) from Madliena to Skriveri, where there are 10-12 traffic lights and it takes an hour to check out. Madliena has a closed section for traffic, driving directions Madliena-Lēdmane (V972) and Tīnūži-Koknese (P80). The width of the bridge over the Ogre is 3 meters.

The repair work on the Rezekne-Gulbene regional road (P36) and the Rezekne bypass road to the downhill runs take less than an hour, because there are four traffic lights and a further 3 m width restriction from Rezekne to Audriņi.

There are seven traffic lights on the Krāslava-Preiļi-Madona (P62) highway from Bashki to Preiļi; those traveling from Riga to Aglona or vice versa recommends the use of the Daugavpils motorway (A6), the Viski-Nizcale highway (P64) and the Rezekne-Daugavpils road (A13). It takes half an hour for the route of the same road (P62) from the steaks to the Atašiene junction (A12) with one traffic light.

When traveling to Pavilosta, you can expect that between Liepāja and Ventspils on the highway Ventspils-Grobiņa (P111) from Labrags to Mežaine there are eight traffic lights and more than an hour on the road; width limit 3 m

Traffic restrictions during events:

The feast of nights in Carnikava

On 25 August from 6 am to 12 pm At 8 pm Carnik is the Feast of Nights. During this time traffic restrictions on the state border of the regional highway Riga (Jaunciems) – Carnikava – Ādaži (P1) are possible from km 27.50 to km 28.05.

Autocross in Smiltene

On Sunday 26 August a stop at the local Smiltene-Merri-Lobergery (V244) road section between 0.00 and 1.45 will be closed between 08.00 and 18.00. km. During the race, traffic is organized along the municipal airstrip.

Cycling in the Gulben district

On Saturday, August 25, the traffic of the local highway Litene-Aluksne (P43) and the local highways Auguliene-Pilskalns-Litene (V417), Stämeriena-Plavnieki-Zeltalja (V420) and the Birzas access road will be temporarily interrupted from 11 am to 2 pm for a short stay. station (V441); traffic is regulated by the state police.

Cycling in Aglona

On Saturday, August 25, the traffic from Dagda-Aglona (P60) and Krāslava-Preiļi-Madona (P62) and the local Kraslava-Izvalta-Šķeltova-Aglona (V636) and Kastīre-Vidzeme route will be temporarily stopped between 14.30 and 16.30. Kategange-Kameneca cabinets (V744) for short sections; traffic is regulated by the state police.

Military training "Namejs"

Saturday and Sunday, 25 and 26 August, from noon. 6 am to 12 pm At 6 pm it is the intention to periodically close the roads in different stages for up to half an hour on the regional roads Sinole-Silakrogs (P34) along the length and Smiltene-Gulbene (P27) from the Vidzeme- highway (A2) to the P34. On Saturday this takes place at the Sinole-Silakrogs (P34) and at the Smiltene-Gulbene (P27) on the highway. The closed stages of traffic are regulated by the State Police.

Up-to-date information on traffic restrictions on the motorway network is available by calling the toll-free telephone number with free information 80005555, as well as on the website of the Enterprise "Latvijas Valsts ceļi" website

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