Top-A & # 39; s tanker in Drabešu Parish – Traffic Safety – Car

She added that people were not injured in a traffic accident.

The accident took place on Monday at about 15:00, but at that moment until 21:00 a fuel tank was inflated on the fuel vehicle and the trailer was removed from the water body.

"Virši-A" representatives on the ground cooperated with all responsible institutions to prevent the consequences of the accident – the national environmental service, the firefighting and rescue service of the state and the state police.

In addition to the environmental specialists "Virši-A" involved in the work to prevent accidents in the field, environmentalists were advised to advise on pumping operations to avoid the risk of fuel leakage and possible damage to the environment, if necessary. .

After accident prevention work, environmentalists also took samples of water from the water to ensure that the effects had no effect on the environment.

"Virši-A" promises to continue the cooperation with all responsible institutions after this incident.

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