Traders are worried about the small dogs that owners take with them when buying food – Financenet

"Traders are not always able to find these small animals on time and do not ask them to go to the store as required by the requirements Dogs are the source of pollution that poses a risk to food for other buyers." Traders call dog owners to respect their fellow citizens and not to go shopping with pets ", said DANUSĒVIČS.

Today an annual LTA and Food Veterinary Service (PVD) meeting took place. During the course, Tatyana Marcenkova, head of the Food Inspection Department of the PVD, inquired about current issues in food distribution monitoring and answered the questions from the trader and catering service provider.

Marchenkov announced that the country ultimately set reasonable rules for medical examinations for food workers. In the future, the test should only be performed with your doctor before you go to work. The recurring checks are determined by the employer, assessing the health status of the employee or depending on the complexity of the work carried out.

Traders and the FVU are also concerned about the fact that municipalities are reluctant to inform the controlling authorities about authorizations granted for the marketing of food. As a result, external trade with the distribution of meat, milk and other products takes place without adequate cooling equipment and illegal trade in imported fruit and vegetables.

During the LTA meeting, they committed themselves to re-inform nutrition experts about the need to identify allergens in meals. Traders should pay attention to the labeling of the ingredients of the main product, for example when the product is called "Milk Calendula"; the amount of milk in the product must be stated on the label.

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