Two young people were arrested in the Salaspils district for the burial of garden houses

The police received information about various garden carnivores, which took place in the parks of Salaspils from June this year. Various types of electrical engineering, such as televisions, radios and other items, were stolen from the houses.

The police in the district police of Salaspils in the Riga region of the state police carried out emergency operations in which the people who were allegedly involved in this theft were identified. The first suspect was arrested on 16 August. On the other hand, another accomplice was arrested last week. One of the young people is 17 years old, while the other is over.

It turned out that guards had become the target when garden owners left their gardens in the evening and then took the theft, entered the cottages, cleaned up windows or creaked the door. At the moment the police have information that young people have seen four garden houses and later sold the stolen goods. At this moment the police have found a stolen television.

In connection with the start of a four criminal proceedings, qualified in accordance with Article 175, paragraph 3 of the Criminal Code, concerning theft in the room and, in accordance with Article 185, § one of the Criminal Law, for material damage.

Since suspect young people have not been sentenced in advance and cooperate with the police, they receive a non-custodial security measure, police control.

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