"Unity" has managed to recover from one of the worst years, says Aseraden

For the Unity Party this was probably the most difficult year in its life, but the party managed to recover, the party leader, economist Arvulis Ašeradens, emphasizes Saturday in the congress of political power.

Asherden explains that people who are devastated and destructive, as well as those who came to the party after an accident, were excluded from the party because they were only related to the desire to hold positions.

The deputy emphasized that party members must choose a clear destination and gather forces for a new fight. He acknowledged that this was a time of change for the party, but emphasized that the party would retain its own brand and itself.

Aseraden, chairman of the party unit "New Unity" Krisjanis Kariņš and chairman of the Saeima faction Hosam Abu Meri congratulated the party members on the success of the government and the Saeima.

As reported, the "Unity" party congress takes place today, with members of the party being expected to reap the ethics committee.

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