"Unity" requires Kuchinsky to stop purchasing rail electrification

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The board of the current party "Unity", a party of the "New Unit", today decided to ask Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis and Minister of Transport Uldis Augulis to suspend the announced tender for the railway electrification project, the representatives of the party shared the portal "LA.lv".

This is explained by the fact that the party is rightly concerned about the usefulness and legality of the procurement project.

According to Arvils Ašeradens, chairman of the Board of Unity, the concerns about the purchase value of 425 million euros were not removed by the usefulness and the rule of law when assessing the available information and hearing the responsible institutions.

Asherand explains that there are many unanswered questions about both the electrification project itself and the tendering procedure.

That is why the party continues to ask questions to both the Prime Minister and the Minister of Transport who is responsible for the sector.

For example, how will the electrification project affect the railway tariffs at the main Latvian ports, and why does the tender stipulate that the application documentation is only submitted in Latvian, making it difficult for foreign companies to participate in the tender?

"Unless we receive the answers to our questions, we demand that the announced procurement procedure be suspended for the implementation of the rail electrification project," said Aseraden.

Krišjānis Kārins, CEO of the "New Unit", said about the situation with the purchase of electrification that the party is very concerned.

"The railway electrification project is driven by the" best "traditions of the Green and Farmers' Union – an essential and essential project for the Latvian economy is shortened because, without explaining the details of the project, it hides in front of the public and almost half a hurry billion euros, "Karins commented.

the army argued that there should be reasonable assurance that the implementation of this project would be useful.

"We are very concerned that some members of the ZZS have taken their time at the end of this Saeima tenure and are trying to implement a new OIC affair, and there must be logical and clear answers to our questions so that we can be sure that the implementation of a large-scale infrastructure project is useful in the general interest and in accordance with the best practices, "explained Karins.

It was previously announced that the negotiation procedure was announced on 10 August by publishing an invitation to participate in the "Electrification of the Latvian railway network: construction", the first phase of the planned electrification program until 2030.

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