Valmiera named after a new dahlia variety

A special gift was made by the Dutch breeder and breeder Rita Zaļa Valmiera on the 735th anniversary of the year – he created a new dahlia variety named Valmiera – informed Liga Tarbuna, head of the PR department of the city culture center.

To date, Groen has selected nearly 100 dahlia varieties, several of which have been named after cities. Greeting Valmiera's birthday, a new dahlia variety was created, which can be viewed and evaluated on the spot on 3 September at 13.00 in the Valmiera Cultural Center.

On September 3 and September 4, a dallies exhibition will take place, where you can see both the Green Selected Dahlian varieties, including the dallies named Valmiera and other cities, as well as the collection Maya Breikša Dahlia & # 39; s.

Green has successfully participated in the International Daisies Competition for Flower Park in Paris since 2008, receives six prizes for newly created Dahlia, while collectors of dahlia & # 39; s and Breikša collectors have collected dallies from all over the world. world.

A visit to the Dahlia exhibition costs nothing.

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