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The Cabinet of Ministers has approved a draft regulation drawn up by the Ministry of Health (VW), which should clarify certain dietary standards and quality requirements for the provision of catering services, including the provision of vegetarian meals at schools.

The ministry informed that the revised energy values ​​and dietary standards increased the amount of individual food products such as fruit, vegetables, milk and dairy products on a weekly menu, as well as the possibility of a vegetarian menu in education and medical institutions, in long-term social care and rehabilitation institutions to offer.

The new claims are intended to enter into force on 1 September of this year.

Authorities can offer a vegetarian menu if a written request from the legal representative or adult of a child has been received.

At the same time, the vegetarian menu for children must be linked to a nutritionist or nutritionist to ensure that it meets the basic principles of healthy nutrition and age-related dietary standards.

The requirements for catering services in education and medical institutions, long-term social care and institutions for social rehabilitation are also specified and supplemented. For example, in the lunch menu it can not only contain main courses and soups or main courses and desserts, but also soups and desserts.

It is recommended to include wholemeal products in the menu, but compost, because these drinks contain many added sugars.

People diagnosed with a physician who needs diet correction offer a menu that meets all dietary requirements. At the same time, the responsibility for meeting the requirements of the regulations is specified by the menu – this is the responsibility of the head of the institution.

As calculated by the Ministry of Health, the currently allocated government budget for a student's meals of EUR 1.42 may be sufficient to provide a new menu.

Minister of Health Anda Čaksa Ella Semjonova

"Places where there is a large number of children and catering is provided by the school itself or by one of the municipal companies, falls within those amounts, where the number of children is lower and depending on the provider, there are several. Choosing green purchasing is always more expensive, but this is important in relation to the priorities we give to our children.We, as the Ministry of Health, make calculations and show them the nutritional standards that are recommended.The next step is to to understand how much money is being channeled to it, then the work of the Ministry of Education, how to get there, "said Health Minister Anda Čaksa (Green and Farmers & # 39; Union).


Up to now, schools in Latvia have not allowed children to eat meat without meat. It was governed by government regulations, which for example provided the permitted amount of salt and sugar with food.

These rules apply to all schools, including private schools. This was noted by the court in the regional court on vegetarian food at the private educational institution Ikšķile Free School. However, the school has the right to give a vegetarian lunch if a doctor says that they are suitable for the health of the child. Parental consent, on the other hand, does not justify non-compliance with the rules.

The Ombudsman's office is on the parent side of the dispute about the right to vegetarian food in schools.

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