Ventspils University College offers to attend study courses and obtain a certificate

Ventspils University College offers to attend study courses and obtain a certificate

2018. August 20, 16:16 / Ventspils University College Photo: Archive of the Ventspils University College

The Ventspils University Lifelong Learning Center offers all interested parties the opportunity to attend several Ventspils University College study courses in the form of a listener, allowing them to obtain a certificate issued by the Lifelong Learning Center upon successful completion of the study.

Anyone interested in having an appropriate level of education can become a listener – students with secondary education can take basic courses, and master's programs – with higher education.

The status of the listener offers the possibility to participate in the study process, to perform tests, to use the library and e-sources to improve the qualification. A listener can acquire and supplement knowledge in his or her specialty without having to undergo a bachelor, master or professional education, gain insights and experience to choose the next profession, to gradually study, to do tests and to collect credits Those recognized at the next stages of studies for further studies Ventspils University College or other higher education institutions will receive a certificate on the completed course in both Latvian and English.

You can find more information about the registration process and the study courses available on the Ventspils University College website The students at Ventspils University of Higher Education offer the opportunity to study at both the first level, undergraduate and master level courses at the Faculty of Economics and Management, the faculty of Translation Studies and the Faculty of Information Technology.

How to become a listener?

  • Go to Ventspils University Lifelong Learning Center (Inženieru iela 101, D105).

  • Statement of Identity Document.

  • Include documents for secondary and higher education and submit copies thereof.

  • Fill in the registration form.

  • Corresponding listener agreement.

  • The registration fee is paid in accordance with the registration fees approved by the Senate of Ventspils University College.

  • Within three (three) working days after signing the contract with the transfer, the compensation is paid for the acquisition of the courses.

Costs for students who study for one credit: in basic studies – 40.00 EUR, in master programs – 45.00 EUR. Call for more information 63629650 or 27738823 by e-mailing to [email protected]

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