Video: & # 39; Namejs 2018 & # 39; is filmed for the first time by a haubicus bought from Austria

On Saturday 25 August, for the first time at the Adazi landfill, self-administering systems purchased from Austria bought to improve the indirect fire support of the Latvian armed forces and to integrate Latvia's capacity to fully integrate into NATO operations and training. the execution of military training exercises, said the Ministry of Defense.

"Effective, powerful and convincing, I am really pleased that a little less than a year after the first self-driving systems have been received, they are already fully involved in major military exercises since regaining independence from Latvia." I am proud to say that improving the capacity of indirect fire support is a very important contribution to strengthening the state defense system and regional security, "said Lieutenant General Leonid Kalnins, commander of the national armed forces.

From 20 August to 2 September, the "Namejs 2018" military training so far has taken place in Latvia to monitor and improve the readiness of the national armed forces to continue to fulfill the tasks of the State Defense as an independent party to the framework of the collective defense system.

More than 10,000 participants – the soldiers and guards of the Latvian and Allied forces, the reservists, the volunteer reserveists, the staff of the Ministry of Defense and the staff of the structures of the Ministry of the Interior – police officers and border guards participate in the training.

It has already been reported that in April 2017 a bilateral agreement was signed between the Latvian Ministry of Defense and the Austrian Ministry of Defense and Sport with the purchase of M109A5Oe self-propelled hub systems, including the purchase of fire control and training platforms. The intention is to buy 47 military equipment purchased in Austria at the end of this year.

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