VIDEO: A thief re-scams money from a fast-food restaurant pick-up

Photo - LETAPhoto – LETA

For the second time, the beautiful garnish has managed to screw away money from the fast food facility at Subway. The co-owner of the restaurant sector believes that the man has trained this stealing technique while he was working elsewhere, LNT issued "Degtatis".

To warn his colleagues, the garnish-steel technique and intention should, in his opinion, be brought to light. The man begins to choose a cheaper product, so it is necessary to give a cash balance.

The man scanned 48 euros for the second time. At the end of the working day, transferring the contents of the cashier, the deceived "Metro" cashier was very distracting. The installed observation cameras locked the man into action and therefore the restaurant staff discovered where the missing amount was.

Together the man tried this theft three times in the premises of the & # 39; Subway & # 39; from the old Riga, and two of them were productive. Taking into account the fact that his technique used the new cashier to act, he was the second time when he met an experienced employee, a mialogist.

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