What time is expected next week? Possibly even icy

Photo by Evija Trifanova / LETAPhoto by Evija Trifanova / LETA

In the weekend cyclone activity increases compared to Scandinavia, which will also affect the weather in Latvia. A storm is expected on Friday evening and Saturday, heavy rainfall from the places, gusts of light winds to 15-17 m / s, and hail in some districts, reports meteo.lv.

On Sunday the sky is mostly cloudy and in many places too strong. A slow wind will flow and cold air will flow into Latvia – if Friday is hot, when the air warms up to + 25 … + 30 degrees, then the maximum air temperature is expected to be + 15 … + 19 degrees on a Sunday.

There will also be a lot of clouds during the night, so that the thermometer will not slide below +13 degrees.

The effects of a wide high-pressure branch gradually increase in the beginning and middle of the next week, so the rain will rain and the sun will more often be observed among the clouds. A slow wind will flow. Although the days will be sunny, the sky will not touch more than + 20 … + 23 degrees.

At night there will be chills, and the places that explode in the air can cause frost on the top of the grass.

In the second half of the next week, the cyclone from the west will once again be in the vicinity of Latvia, with the result that the clouds will increase, the wind will intensify and the precipitation will return.

Despite the rainy weather, there will still be a high fire risk in the forests in the near future, so be careful when dealing with fire!

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