When losing a job, Latvia turns to an unusual hobby

A man from Litene has turned to an unusual hobby – he is looking for semi-precious stones, he told in the LNT program "900 seconds".

Gemologs Ainis Vorobyovs have mastered all the knowledge in self-study – including the unique processing of stones, which even surprised foreign masters.

Vorobyov points out that the gems started a few years ago, but that they all ended up in the ranks of the unemployed and the need for a new occupation.

"When I lost my job, it was a dream to find a meteorite in Latvia. One season I gave time to search for meteorites. Nothing really happened because they are here in theory, but finding them is very difficult." , he says.

Because the meteorite was not found, Ainis was planning to travel to Norway and search for semi-precious stones, but when he opened the book on stones, he realized that many of them had seen it in Latvia. Now Ainis has already found an impressive amount of Latvian semi-precious stones. Samples are also displayed to view, Ainis likes to prepare visitors.

There are also university geologists on the site and the stones that Aija has found are a big surprise. "How geologists I spoke to, they did not even have the idea that it could have been", says the gemologist.


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