Why pay a toll? The driver warns of a dangerous location on the Liepāja highway

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There is a dangerous hill at Saldus on the road, which has every chance to break the wheel of your own rifle or otherwise ruin it, TV3 "Without Taboo."

A driver contacted the "Without Taboo" program to warn other drivers of a dangerous location on the A9 in Liepaja-Riga. "At Saldus there is a fairly large hill, which has every chance to break the wheel of your vehicle or damage it in any other way.For two years the main road of A9 has been thoroughly corrected, but such a wonder is not the moment and the desire to recover The road managers are also breaking their cars ", a driver who claims that the dangerous increase of roads has not been taken for at least three months.

Since the program "Without Taboo" was removed, before the Saldus city sign, on the road of Liepaja, there has indeed been a thorough analysis. rise, and we do not know where the danger is. On the side of the motorway there are also car details – the plate frame and the lamp, together with the Saldus branch of the Traffic Safety Directorate next to the indicated location.

"Three months ago for the first time in the knee", I missed because I think it will be finished, but recently "Once there was the oven" and looked down on the board, the hill is about 10 cm long, the same thing that runs over the edge at a speed of 90 km / h, "said Tom, who also stated that The danger zone is not delimited and drivers are not warned.

Citizens also do not understand why the highway A9 Riga-Liepaja is being repaired, but ignored the area that the motorists carry to Saldus. "In the technical inspection, no one cares about paying a road tax, parts pay money, fuel costs money, everything is fine, but why these miracles are on the way, it's not understandable to me," Tom, who has unofficial information that the hill is at that place for at least four years.

After the call of "Without Taboo", the place was questioned by the deputy chairman of the Saldus district council Raivis Zīrups, who stated that no one had reported on the danger zone. "We have now realized that this place has developed, we have informed the" Latvian state roads "and in the near future the" pump "will be masonry to prevent dangerous situations," says Raivis Zīrups.

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