Widespread cormorants will be blown away in Ventspils near Lake Būšnieku – Ecology – News

The raven is a small bird with a long tail. It is black with yellow spots on the throat.

The municipality explained that cormorants and cormorants cause great damage and losses by feeding fish in Lake Būšnieku. Likewise, trees fall into the bird's habitat of trees that are severely separated.

The birds arrive shortly before the flight during the migration – in September. They catch and injure a large amount of fish in the lake and stay in the lake for a short time.

"Both fishermen, who love the lakes of Būšnieki, and the inhabitants of Staldzene, have filed a request and called the municipality of Ventspils to take action to fight these birds," according to Zute.

In dealing with the issue at the meeting of the Hunting Coordination Commission of the Ventspils City Council with specialists at various levels and hunters, the possibility of fighting cormorants with the proper permission of the Nature Conservation Council (DAP) was discussed during restrictive measures during the hunting for waterfowl. A special permission has been received from the DAP and the intention is to attract professional hunters who will try to fight the losers of the lake.

The city council hopes to understand the inhabitants. The intention is to inform hunters individually about specific lobsters.

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