Žanna Dubska about fraud: the fancier is like a canteen club. Fast Apniks – Freebie – Woman

One of the managers, Valdis Melderis, tries to find out if a partner can forgive fraud.

Stylist: "You understand what fraud means, very often you think about someone else, I find myself very nice, but if a friend wants to go to the canteen to eat meatballs, he will appreciate what I have learned. to! "

"To consider the beloved of the man in the cafeteria of the canteen, it is style!" Daina Jāņkalne appreciates Jānis Dubskis said.

"The most important thing is that he comes home and says that he is the best," adds Valdis Melderis.

Watch the program "Speaking Between Us …" on Tuesday evening September 11: "STV First!"

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