Ždanoka challenges her decision to remove her from Saeima election list / Article / LSM.LV

The candidate for the 13th Saeima of the Latvian Ruthenian Union (LKS) appealed to the Central Election Commission of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) to remove him from the list of LKS in the Vidzeme constituency, confirmed LDA to Zdanoka.

She indicated that she had sent the appeal to the court by post.

Consequently, three people were challenged by CVK's decision to remove Saeima's election lists. – Zdanoka, member of the Party of Action, Aivars Zablockis and candidate for the Alternative Party Valdis Taupmanis.

As reported, a total of nine people were removed from the list of candidates for various reasons.

CVK has an opinion on Jedanok, which confirms that the candidate has worked in the Communist Party of Latvia since January 13, 1991, and therefore the candidate for election is subject to the prohibition of candidacy specified in the Saeima election law. With a view to the instruction of the Constitutional Court to assess each case separately, in order to determine whether the person still threatens the independence of Latvia and the principles of a democratic constitutional state, the CVK has requested additional information from the SIPO and the Office for Constitutional Protection.

Then CVK decided to remove Dzdanok from the list of candidates.

Similarly, CVK has eliminated two candidates for the action of the Zablocki and Nikolaj Gelizenkov campaign of the election roles, as well as two Zigfrid Laicans and Taupmanis of the political power "For Alternatives" have been removed.

CVK of the lists also decided to exclude Edgars Krūmiņš, the candidate for the Latvian Association of Regions & # 39; s, the representative of the party "Progressive" Katrīne Brandal, candidate of the Latvian Central Party Aivars Silsiems, and Jevgēnijs Sadovskis from the list of candidates for the "From Hart to Latvia" party.

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