Zdanoka Saeima can not choose for election

Tatiana Zdanoka was removed from the list of candidates Tuesday for the thirteenth Saeima representatives of the Latvian Union of Russians, the portal "Delfi" was found at the Central Electoral Commission (CVK).

All seven CEC members on the list voted for the deletion of Zdanok from the list of candidates.

Ždanoka told journalists that this decision will be appealed to the administrative court. In the event that the decision in this case will be unfavorable, the politician is determined to address the case to the European Court of Human Rights, according to the LETA agency.

CVK has a ruling from the court confirming that Ždanoka has been working in the Communist Party of Latvia since January 13, 1991, and therefore the candidates are subject to the prohibition of candidacy as specified in the Saeima Election Law.

Taking into account the instruction of the Constitutional Court to evaluate each case separately, to determine whether the person still threatens Latvia's independence and the principles of a democratic constitutional state, the CVK has requested additional information from the SIPO. and the Office for Constitutional Protection.

Zdanoka was included in the list of the LAS Vidzeme constituency.

During the CVK meeting it was also decided to remove the decision to remove Jevgenija Sadovska from the candidate candidate's candidate list in the Riga constituency "Van Hart to Latvia", for which CVK has information from the Information Center of the Ministry of the Interior Cases that it is subject to the limitation of the Saeima Election Law, which candidates and Saeima to choose individuals who are being punished for deliberate criminal offense, except for persons who have been rehabilitated or who have been convicted or expelled.

With regard to the deletion of Sadovska, the CVK did not rule out that no further information was available until the hearing on whether the candidate's sentence had been canceled, as the candidate himself says. The issue will be discussed two days later at the CEC meeting.

Of the party "On Alternative", the CEC decided to remove Arkady Karijev from the candidacy of the candidate, who had requested the removal himself, and stated that he had not signed the documents submitted to CVK on his behalf. During the meeting it was stated that the falsification of documents is a complex matter and forms the basis for the transfer of the material from the case to the police.

It has already been reported that CVK censored seven candidates from candidate lists on the candidate list on Friday, as they are subject to restrictions on candidacy at Saeima elections. CVK decided to remove two candidates for the Party of Action – retired Aivar Zablocki and retired Nikolai Gelizenkov.

Edgar Krumins, a basketball player from the basketball club "Jelgava", has been removed from the list of Latvian Association of Lions (LRA).

Catherine Brandala, member of the board of directors of SIA Brandall Digital, has been removed from the progressive list.

Two candidates have been removed from the list of the "On Alternative" party: retired Zigfrid Laicans and LOC Project Manager Valdis Taupmanis.

Aivars Silinieks, home manager of SIA "ASGcompany ltd" has been removed from the list of the Central Party of Latvia.

CVK's decisions on the removal of candidates can be lodged with the administrative regional court within three working days of the date of the decision.

The submission of the candidate list at CVK ended on 7 August.

13. The lists of candidates for 16 parties and party associations take place at the elections in Saeima, 1470 candidates are nominated for the candidates nominated for the 13th Saeima elections and 15 candidates for one of the 100 Saeima deputies will be nominated.

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