At a time when a man first stepped on the moon when surprising facts about the solar system were discovered, but Voyager began his journey with his message of humanity, the space industry was run by government agencies and financed by taxpayers. At the time, conquest of space became a worldwide competition and the political background was often louder than the events themselves. Since then, so much has changed: in the field of the game there are strong private sectors that have their own, no less ambitious space plans. At the moment these two parties have started cooperation.

In the summer of this year, the US National Aeronautics and Space Agency, or all known NASA, named the names of four astronauts selected for flights to ships for the private space industry. Among them are industrial giants such as Space X and Boeing. Cooperation between NASA and private space technology has been up to now, but this event opens a new page in the space industry. What are the goals of the private companies and national space agencies in the universe, on the program Known unknown tells astronomer enthusiast, an IT specialist Raitis Misa.