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Calgary Flames chewed the Arizona Coyotes on a 6: 1 flight, with three goals being thrown in the minority. This is the third time in the club's history when "Flames" throws a minority three times in one game. Earlier, such a feat was achieved on March 9, 1991 against St. Louis Blues and October 17, 1997 against the Avalanche of Colorado. Noah Henypin and Marc Genkowski won two goals by the Calgary team, while Mike Smith fired 28 shots, which enabled Flames to win the fourth victory in the last five games.

Coyotes this was the fourth loss in a row and the eighth in the last ten games. In the last two games, "Coyote" has played five goals in the majority, although this has not happened more than once in the last 20 games.

The Lightning Together scored four goals in the first third, providing a solid base for a victory over New Jersey & # 39; s "Devils" (5-2). Breidens Points scored two goals and scored a good shot, while Luis Domings fired 33 goals to assist Lightning third in turn. It is interesting that the four goals in the first period of the Tampas team threw in the second game in a row. The devil's keeper Korijs Šnaider shot 30 shots, but this season is still without victories (five losses).

The first hat-trick Austin Watson excelled in the NHL career and had the "Predators" of Nashville win 5-2 with Anaheim "Ducks". "Predators" have won four of the last five matches and are 35 points in first place in the competition with the Lightning team. Duck hockey players have not scored more than two goals in six of the last eight games.

Dustin Brown, who represented the Los Angeles "Kings" in Edmonton & # 39; s "Oilers" with a 5: 2 lead, scored three goals. 32 victories were canceled by Kelvin Petersen and the "kings" helped stop the five loss series.

Results of the NHL Games of November 26th

game The result
Coyotes – Flames 1: 6
Lightning – Devils 5: 2
Predators – Ducks 5: 2
Kings – Oilers 5: 2

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