Taiwanese hackers threaten to delete Mark Zuckerberg's account

A hacker hacker has announced that he will remove Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, on the same site on Sunday.

According to the Bloomberg network, a Taiwanese hacker named Zhang Zhiyuan announced on his Facebook page that he would remove the founder's account on Sunday, "in the face of anyone who piracy at the expense of Zuckerberg in a live broadcast to thousands followers want to broadcast.

A passenger bus company filed a lawsuit against Zhang after successfully completing the company's electronic ticketing system, Sputnik said.

Zhang had admitted earlier on his Facebook page that he was conducting piracy to raise money. In return, Facebook had announced that it was rewarded for discovering security vulnerabilities in the service that the site offers.

If Zhang's plan succeeds in penetrating Mark Zuckerberg's page, it is not the first time the page is exposed to such attempts. In 2011, a hacker entered the page and published a publication in which he himself called on Zuckerberg to change the site into a social investment platform instead of a social network.

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