Here is Shiha and her sisters «Maya and Rasha» starring the red carpet in the leading roles .. Photo & # 39; s

Here Maya and Rasha starring on the red carpet .. Photos, here Sheha and her sisters «Maya and Rasha» starring on the red carpet .. Photo & # 39; s We publish our new news via our news website and start with the most important news, here Shiha and her sisters «Maya and Rasha» starring the red carpet .. Photo & # 39; s.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Sarah Ibrahim

The Egyptian artist made an attempt to attend the closing ceremony of the Second Al-Gouna International Film Festival, which was held on the evening of Friday 28 September.

She attended the ceremony with her two sisters, Maatazela Maya Sheha and Rasha Shiha, and they took many photo's on the red carpet.

She wore a long white fluffy dress from below adorned with silver jewelry, signed by Jimmy Maalouf, and Maya wore a long red dress signed by Nurin Farah, and appeared with a Nabati dress open on her chest and a long piece on one of the legs.

An audience here expressed admiration for her photo's with her sisters and asked about the reasons for the absence of artist Hala Shiha, especially when she recently removed the veil and announced her again to the art scene.

Hala Shiha recently traveled to her husband and children in Canada, which caused many questions about her remorse for her decision to dismiss her hijab and hijab and return to art, and some have described her as in a state of confusion.

Rasha Shiha has appeared for many years as a mediator in the music video "Ante Lesa Bestali" by the great singer Hani Shaker, but she has not completed the artistic field and currently lives in Beirut with her husband and her children.

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