"The naked face inside the dream" .. A collection of stories from Ahmed Saadawi winner of poker

Friday, September 14

"A window on the world" – Dar Al-Rafidain published in Iraq, a collection of stories entitled "The face is blind in the dream" of the Iraqi writer Ahmed Saadawi, winner of the International Prize for Arabic fiction, poker 2014, the novel "Frankenstein in Baghdad."

The story bundle "The Naked Face Within the Dream" is in more than 200 pages of medium pieces. In this narrative collection, Ahmad Saadawi tries to preserve this artistic form, ranging from a short novel to a long story.

Ahmad Saadawy is an Iraqi writer, poet and screenwriter born in Baghdad in 1973. He works on the preparation of programs and documentaries. (2008), Frankenstein in Baghdad (2013), and the novel "The Door of the Chalk" by Hazem (2000) and three novels: "The Beautiful Country" (2004), "Dreaming, Playing or Die" won several awards and was selected in the top 39 Arabic writers under the age of 40 in the Beirut 39 project in 2010.

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