"Tonight" … between "disruptive" society and "beautification" of his heroes

Here are the details of this & # 39; evening & # 39; … between the & # 39; disruptive & # 39; society and & # 39; beautification & # 39; of his heroes

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In the past few years, an Egyptian drama series has seldom included "absolute collective action," neither in form nor in content, as was the case with the series of this evening, which premiered in Ramadan. It was recently screened again on a number of satellite channels, on parallel and trans-dramatic lines that provided great opportunities for all its representatives to obtain dramatic dramatic spaces, and had a high degree of curiosity among most of its characters, who later on audience reflected.

Iyad Nasar, Mohamed Farraj, Ahmed Dawood, Hanan Mutawa, Arwa Gouda, Basil El Zaro, Samir Morsi, Khaled Anwar, Magdi El Sibai, Dina Maher, Mahmoud Hafez, Mohamed and others. And the new face Asma Abu al-Yazid, about the story and directed by Tamer Mohsen, script and dialogue workshop composed of Maha Minister and Samar Abdel Nasser, Abdullah al-Ghali and Samar Tahir and under the supervision of Mohamed Farid. He spoke about a series of interrelated relationships between different social layers, including Akram, an executive director of one of the big companies, his emotionally disturbed wife, Samir, who works as a director, suffers from various conflicts, and his partner Sony »Who peeks at the ladies' phones.

It is clear from the first episode of the work that the director laid his hands in good shape on the characters and details of small and large, reflecting on the performance, especially because the majority of the characters are the case of a sniffing about each other. lived and spent the lives of each of them without knowledge. The representation was difficult because most of his characters were far from the mainstream in the drama, which varied between the clear characters (the good or the bad or the psychological patient), and the audience with the characters in an unprecedented form, and there were waves of hatred and love through the episodes of the characters by the audience, He explains that they have become complex and complex to varying degrees.

The director used the skill of shooting spots, which varied between the outside in the streets of Cairo and Sharm el-Sheikh, London and Beirut, or in the stadium five-ball and the Nile and the popular beach where the «Musla Abla», or internal scenes.

Director Tamer Mohsen says he inspired his idea of ​​a friend who told him that a man knew that there was a mechanism he could put on his wife's phone, which would allow him to know things about her, and that his curiosity would be the door to hell opened up. With a high degree of simplicity for the introduction of high-quality means and methods of insurance.

And reflected in a good image of the director studied in a cinema language, where he combines more than a wonderful use of lighting and silence and music and representation and dealing with time and rhythm and transition between the snapshot and other accessories and decorations, and explained to the receiving role and effort issued by the work and the director of photography and engineer Decor and sound.

Ayad Nassar is better than himself in the Akram character, which was an adventure and a winning bet for him, both on the level of the subject and the character seeking perfection. She does not have the ability to rebel or confront or want to say what she wants because of his father's influence on him. The best and the most notable among his colleagues, then his ability to think well at work, and the implementation of what the employer wants in good shape, but he does not have the ability to choose, and when he decides to go to the world of the popular girl Abla.

Mohammed Farrag, who collaborated with the director in four previous works, embodied the character of Sonny & # 39 ;, which appeared to the public as a mass of evil moving on two legs as a model for the hacker & # 39; who is ruthless in achieving his goals, even at the expense of his neighbor, despite his good reputation and willingness to become A person together and loving, but his unity and inability to find a girl, accepted him beloved, made him wild and persevered in his evil. Hanan Metawea acquired the character of Abla, the simple girl who works in Musat, inherited from her father. She is insulted by her husband in the hope of having a long-awaited child before the husband tells her that she is deaf and then divorced from him and Akram's wish to marry her and to feel her Marriage like flying in the air, a very special personality that brought together many contradictions, including unity, softness, depth, broken eyes and the face of the name, and the achievement of the character of the indication of the possession of a huge technical potential. Ahmed Dawood presented the character of Samir in an easy and remembering way. Despite the difficult role and character of the character, who quickly cleared her bad deeds, he stuck to her individuality and details, starting with his role as the father of a young girl who was not his daughter, Akram ", and his relationship with the girl «Taki» (embodied role Abu Aliazid), who is plagued by «Fayyad» (body of Mohammed Juma) after he has taken a video clip of her without knowing her former lover, who documented it, and the end of the lake between his love for the girl and the fear of pairing out.The role of Arwa, the quality of "Nayla", matures the roles that have been made in the course of her career, and although she did not really marry , gave expression to the feelings of the woman who betrayed her husband, and tried to hide them feelings and shocks for this betrayal until the last episode of the work, He is betrayed.

Despite the objection of the working group to classify censorship as adults only and to place a banner «+18», but it was necessary, especially because those under the age of not very well informed of the nature of intimate relationships, sexual exploitation imposed by the "hackers" on their victims, as well as multiple disloyalty among the majority of the heroes, who demonstrated society in all classes and categories, as if they were contorted or suffered a psychological contract.

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