A ‘human monster’ rapes an underage girl and takes her from one southern region to another without mercy … Several are involved and the mother of the attacked confronts them !!!

She claimed “GF.” (Born 1982 / Syrian) and living in the region of Al-Bissarya to each of F.A. (Born in 2003) who lives in Haret Saida and RN (Born in 2001) for the crime of kidnapping her underage daughter, HH. He was born in 2008 on the 14th of this month, according to the “Lebanon 24” correspondent.

According to the reporter, a patrol from Haret Saida police station moved to A. one. He was taken to the police station and it was found that he had committed the crime after admitting during the investigation that he had an unlawful sexual relationship with the girl, and he also admitted that he had lost her virginity.

By reviewing the competent judiciary, His Holiness indicated that A. The aforementioned and left all detainees GP And MT And you. a. Compliance with living and delivery obligations g. To a special association to care for young people, keep the file open and work on assigning Jezzine a patrol and escorting the minor. a. As a guide to accompany the patrol to the hotel that received them and to summon the hotel owner.

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