Al-Akhbar: Is there a connection between the murder of retired Colonel Munir Abu Rajeli and the bombing of Beirut port?

The newspaper “Al-Akhbar” stated in its section on “science and news” that after news spread about the murder of retired customs colonel Munir Abu Rajeli, some media rushed to talk about the discovery of a link between the crime. and the bombing of the port of Beirut.
However, research into the judicial and security sources responsible for the investigation shows that these stories capture the imagination, according to the newspaper. It turned out that the victim officer had never served at the port, which revealed that his service center at customs before his retirement was at Beirut airport.
The sources revealed to Al-Akhbar that it has no validity to summon him to investigate port crime, even as a witness. Security and judicial sources said the available evidence and preliminary data indicate that his murder in Qurtuba was prompted by theft.
The sources suggested that the victim opposed the suspects and killed him in this way, revealing that the house’s belongings were scattered. The suspects also stole two televisions from the victim’s home.

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