Al-Quds News Agency – An Islamic and Palestinian delegation in the city of Miyya and Miyya: weapons can not be used anywhere

A joint Palestinian and Islamic delegation visited the city of Miyya and Mieh on Tuesday to confirm national cohesion and co-existence after the painful events that took place in al-Mayah and Mieh refugee camp..

The delegation included the head of the World Union of Resistance Scholars, Sheikh Maher Hamoud, the external relations coordinator of the Islamic Jihad movement in Lebanon, Shakib al-Aina, the political leader of the Hamas movement in Lebanon, Ahmed Abdel Hadi, and a number of officials of the two movements. They were received by the mayor, Raoufat Busabah, the pastor, Moses Francis, Father Maroun Skeili, the Mukhtar, the school director, a number of members and members of the city council.

The mayor welcomed the delegation and emphasized the support of the Palestinian cause and the resistance, which would lead its weapons to the Zionist enemy, and recounted part of the city's history and its cooperation with the camp. Then his eminence Sheikh Hamoud spoke about the person who lives, and the question of Palestine means everyone, Palestinian archbishop Atallah Hanna, father Manuel Muslim and the priests of the Coptic church who have rejected the occupation in the recent period, and the heroines have praised that the Mujahideen lie on the land of Gaza, and stressed that this painful page (the recent skirmishes) will be irreversible,.

Al-Ayna in turn emphasized the importance of the resistance and the Palestinian cause, because weapons can not be used in their place.

For his part, Abdul Hadi emphasized the same meanings, and spoke of the championship that recently arose in the face of the recent Zionist security operation, and that such a confrontation is the expression of the Palestinian position.

Those present praised the role of HE Michel Aoun, the state of President Nabih Berri and the Lebanese army in controlling security and taking the necessary measures..

The delegation also toured through the neighborhoods of the city to the school and saw some damage to the city.


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