Allegations that Aoun bypassed the constitution to activate the Diab government

A former Lebanese prime minister was surprised by President Michel Aoun’s invitation to outgoing Prime Minister Hassan Diab to “expand a bit” in the business to meet the country’s needs until the next government is formed. He saw that this statement confirms that Aoun is going to violate the Constitution, in an effort to push International pressure to hasten the formation of the government.

The former prime minister stressed that Aoun’s invitation will not go unnoticed and will have political ramifications, as it allows him to make decisions beyond the powers entrusted to the presidential system, revealing that former prime ministers have started consultations with the president responsible for the formation of the new government, Saad Hariri, in preparation for the response. About Aoun’s violation of the constitution.

An opposition source told Asharq Al-Awsat that Aoun is seeking to activate the resigned government as a move to float her to make way for the cabinet to reconvene.

With the ongoing complications preventing the formation of the government, a dispute arose between the “allies” Saad Hariri and the head of the “Socialist Party” Walid Jumblatt, after a television interview with the latter accusing the Prime Minister of “the the children’s play in shares with Aoun “. “I think the little we hear is a barrier between them, because they don’t agree on the names yet,” Jumblatt said. He pointed out that “Aoun and his team took the interior, the energy, the defense and the justice, that is to say, almost all the joints of the state, and the Shia duo took the money and something else, and I don’t know what is the share of others? “
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