Channel frequency for children on Nilesat 2019 – Nogoom Masrya

SpiceOne is one of the first satellite channels specializing in children in the Arab region, with two satellite channels, one Arabic channel and one English channel.

Space show 2018 Arabic for children on the Nile River

Frequency of MBC3 channel

As you know, MBC 3 is a group of MBC channels. This channel is the only channel for children in the MBC group. The frequency is 11476. The coding rate is 27500. The correction factor is 3/4 horizontal. There is another frequency you can search or use. The coding rate is 27500 5/6 vertical correction factor.

The frequency of the MBC 3 channel for children on Nilesat

The frequency of the channel of the birds of paradise

The channel of Birds of Paradise has recently appeared in the heart of the parents because of the respectable content provided by the channel to teach children values, ethics and high morals. There are two frequencies for the first channel 11317 encoding rate 27500 3/4 vertical correction factor , the second 11315 coding rate 27500 correction factor 3/4 vertical.

Search results for children's frequency channels

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